Less and then More

Chalk, a sidewalk and focus.

Hallucinating: Chalk, a sidewalk and focus.

One year . . .

We sold our home, I sold a business, I became a silent partner in a second business, gave birth to a second child, and then we moved to Europe.  Germany.  Twelve months and more than a decade of ruminating.  We arrived in Europe August 2011 and by the second day I began my mental list of things I wanted to write about.  Yes, I am a list person.  Bullet points, outlines and generally organized – my personal fall back whenever I’m presented with an intense situation.  In no particular sequence here is a portion of the list . . .

1. Children
2. Language
3. Weather
4. Food and Beverage
5. Hair Salons
6. Ehrenfeld and Willaimsburg
7. Public transportation
8. Bicycle riding
9. Small spaces
10. Banking
11. Sunday
12. Internet
13. Friendship
14. Marriage
15. Career

We (my family and I) are living a design.  My Dad loved life as an expat.  The seed was planted early on.  I took a short stint in London back in the 90’s and it was terrific.  Albeit I was very lonely and did not yet have the life skills to make it really work for me.  Besides I had just met my now husband and wanted to be with him more than anything, including being in London.  So back to the states.  It would be fifteen years before we figured out how to get back to Europe for an extended stay again.  In the meantime I traveled a great deal and fell in love with the city of Koln, Germany.  Fortunately my husband fell in love also.  And the plan to move was hatched.  But how?  When?  Could we really leave our families, NYC, work?  So many questions and in the end it happened incredibly slowly until 2010 when it started happening fast.

I will write about how we did it, more deeply about why we did it and much about the details of actually living it.  In the mean time the single most critical thing about who I am is how I took and continue to take the necessary luxury of time and hallucination (chemical free of course) to conceive my life.  Necessary because I believe it is a fundamental impulse.  Luxurious because not every person can execute and not every idea should be executed.

Take one minute, sixty seconds, right now and ask yourself what you dreamt about as a kid.  It’s thinking about less, just a whole lot more.  You don’t have to answer, but start asking.  Just start asking.


18 thoughts on “Less and then More

  1. Wow! Your second paragraph has really really struck a nerve in me. I need a little “Sasha” to wear off on me. Your journey just might catapult me into my own. Doubt you were expecting that!

  2. This is so awesome already….. very interesting and exciting.. posing a question at the end, brilliant. Makes me go back in time as a child when I thought about what my life would look like. I remember, travel, fashion, and fun….. Mostly Travel. You are so very brave and I adore you:)
    Awesome shot of keogh…. teary eyed:(
    How do we reconnect to our dreams?????? Sometimes it all seems to have taken such a huge turn. mmmmmm????? You did it,,,, can’t wait to hear more.

  3. Dear Sasha – I’ve never stopped dreaming and most likely will continue until I grow up,which will probably not happen anytime soon. Only wish your Dad was still with us so he could follow his fab daughter on her blog. Love you! Uncle Phil

  4. Dear Sasha – I’ve never stopped dreaming and most likely won’t until I finally grow up which Stan used to say,”probably won’t happen”. Only wish your Dad was still with us to enojoy his fab daughter and her family. Look forward to your next blog. Your everlovin Uncle Phil. Love you!

    • Keep dreamin…never grow up…love the blog can’t wait to hear more. And as i start to cry…love you Dad(Philly) Love you Sash!

  5. It seems more and more women try to find their meanings of being when they turn 40… (sorry if I gave that one away) “who am I ?” I have began my journey of finding that out through good readings.. Listening to my lady friends.. And spiritually.. We can all agree that we are here to learn a lesson… Whatever that might be. I do know that your my soul sister, and I’m honored to know you. I love you.

  6. Now I know you are my daughter! Although I did my dream earlier than you,you
    can be sure that in years to come you will look back and know that this adventure
    was the right thing for you and your family. Travel gives you great understanding
    of the entire world, and understanding allows you great peace of heart.
    Everyone seeks happiness and enlightenment. Love you all forever!

  7. I love it!!! Keep blogging, You have a wonderful way with words and I look forward to hearing about your adventures!
    Miss you all, much love j xx

  8. What a wonderful dream come true and family adventure for you all! I am excited to hear about your experiences there. My daughter Julie visited that area at Christmas time a few years ago and it was her favorite memory.
    My new husband Carlo and I are planning a trip to Sicily next year to experience the culture and try to find the family that his parents came from in the early 1930’s near Messina and Palermo. We hear they were in the car and funeral business. Will certainly be interesting!
    Keep blogging! Darlene

  9. Dear Sasha!!I love what you wrote!!Reading your post it was like reading a good book and wanted to read more and more.I will be waiting for the future “more”. I can relay what you feeling because, moving to Germany for you guys,it was like for me moving from a small city in Poland to a big new world, the America.I remember how hard it was at the beginning:new people,new places,new language etc.Definitely it was scary but at the same time very exciting.I will never regret the decisions I’ve made in my life. Taking the risk make your dreams comes true!! I wish you guys good luck and all the best !! Kisses :* Kasia.

  10. Thank you Sasha for including me on your list of friends to receive your blog!
    It’s like turning back the hands of time and hearing you speak at our staff meetings or soiree’s that I enjoyed so much. I miss your mentorship!
    Coming onto this site inspired me to set up a blog in my own name. (Eva Hargis). Not quite sure what I’ll be discussing, but you now me- I always have something to say!
    Love to you and the family,

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