How Long Can I Personally Do That?

I launched my blog.  My intention was to post again last week.  Then my daughter, Wren’s Day Mother (Tagesmutter) was ill, there was a German 3 day weekend (Reunification Day – my downstairs neighbor is still cleaning up beer bottles and humming Disco Inferno.  The Germans know how to party.), and now my son, Keogh, is ill.  Viral and he’s out of school until next week.  I feel like I may never be able to post again . . . okay that’s dumb because here I am posting but it certainly feels awful.  Another week gone, never to return.  Recently it seems I get nearly nothing unrelated to care giving done.  How long can I personally do that?  Indeed I needed and took a serious nap this morning.  My husband is an angel and should have been a physician or nurse.  Love that man.

The nap proved brilliant in the end because I’m pretty sure that I would have driven my bike into the Rhine if I hadn’t taken that nap.  You see I bike (walk or public transport) everywhere these days.  On Saturday I’m purchasing an excellent all weather bike with a fantastic riding compartment for the kids and warm rain gear for all of us.  And today I found myself riding to pick up Wren and a drizzle turned into a downpour.  I was instantly soaked.  My glasses completely fogged over so there goes my vision and I forgot Wren’s bike seat cover so her seat was turning into a bathtub as I pedaled toward the Tagesmutter’s apartment.  I finally arrived after taking shortcuts down two one way streets, the wrong way. Elderly German folk generally do not look kindly on this type of blatant misconduct and I was reprimanded by two 80 somethings on their own bikes.  I couldn’t understand exactly what they said but I did notice that they had very cool and effective rain gear, no time to ask where they shop though.  Anyway, I arrived and parked the bike in the rain, grabbed Wren and headed back out.  I braced for crying and wailing because now it’s raining like it’s 3:30 in August in New Orleans.  I snap Wren in, jump on the bike, turn around once to double check her seatbelt, take notice of what is total disbelief on her little face and then turn for home.  That’s when I begin to hear it.  My daughter is laughing.  Really laughing.  She is shrieking and slapping the rain as it collects on the back of my seat.  That look was only disbelief at her sheer good fortune to be riding in the rain!  That’s when I realized that personally, I could ride all day in the rain with her and that laughter.

Sasha and Wren on sunnier days


8 thoughts on “How Long Can I Personally Do That?

  1. great story! Bike,rain,wrong way sasha and a laughing beautiful wren. Takes after her mom,Jib and of course her GREAT uncle Philly !!
    Love you all !! Uncle Phil

  2. When I read your blog – it litterly brightens my day. When Wren laughs it brightens makes
    your heart sing. I feel the same way about Keogh – he is a ball of interesting ideas and
    loving feelings.

  3. Sasha, I love you girl! You are killing with that helmet though…lol Wren is getting so big! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences I am looking forward to more. We Miss you!

  4. Hey I can almost hear that little cutie pie now!!!! so sweet…., Ditto on the helmet! Ha…. You must be in awesome shape to be biking everywhere… kudos girl… You are still so lovely… Wren is so cute, I shared with Cynthia that she is speaking German and she is in disbelief… We really miss you guys… muah… PLease keep incoming

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