Broken Ankle

The weather for the last 4 months or so has been rainy and/or sun-less about 85% of the time.  It actually didn’t bum us out as badly as we thought it might.  Indeed, it made the week the weather changed feel like we won the lottery.  This change finally came last week.  It was an absolutely perfect spring day.  Birds singing, flowers blooming, and people smiling for no good reason.  Indeed the sun was so alluring that Jib crossed the street during his run to catch the rays directly on his face.  This might also explain why the tree that uses it’s roots to ripple the sidewalk on that side of the street is so big and mighty.  The sun!  Alas, the bump in the walk caused Jib to turn his ankle at a very ugly angle and he went down.  Hard.  The ankle was broken.

Off we ventured to the private clinic with the deluxe coffee machine and windowed patient areas overlooking a lovely park.  We’ve learned that private insurance in Germany is actually quite something.  MRI, X-ray, PT, massage therapist, surgeon, orthopedist, cafe, pharmacy, whatever you can think of is housed in one beautiful 8 story building thankfully minutes from our home.  Indeed the radiology results showed up on the doc’s desktop long before we could get the elevator from level 2 to 3.  Turns out that a person really does feel much better in a gorgeous space with kind and highly qualified professionals looking after his medical need. So all was well and good in medical paradise.  Then reality set in.  We don’t drive here.  We live in a 4th floor walk-up.  There is no grocery delivery service.  We only own single kid bike seats, no child wagon.  A person cannot carry anything that won’t fit in his mouth while using two crutches and putting zero weight on one foot.  Even a tiny apartment feels like an abyss when the cell rings and it isn’t in reaching distance to the patient.  A deep European bath tub shower cannot be navigated on one foot.  I could go on.

And then the foot began to swell.  A lot.  So the doctor put Jib to bed and told him to elevate.  Here is the email that he sent to his colleagues:

The good news is that the break seems to be healing fine.  The bad news is that I am having pretty major swelling issues.  Even I could not send a picture of my foot in its current state.  The image of a slightly deflated football will suffice.  Spent the morning at the doctors and was told that I MUST keep my foot above my heart for the next week.  I think now would be a good time for everyone to try and work for 20 minutes with one foot at (or ideally above) heart level.  It will soon become clear that while this may offer certain comedic opportunities (for example, I can use my mouse with my nose at the moment) it is neither practical nor comfortable in the slightest.  I will also understand if you forgo the experiment and simply take my word for it – it sucks. This to say that I will be less available than usual for the rest of the week.  I do plan on being at my computer every hour or so to check email because I don’t think there is any way I can remain in bed all day.  I will talk to most of you tomorrow at the staff meeting if my foot is small enough to fit out the bedroom door.

As you can see he is keeping his humor.  Me?  Oh I am on a short fuse going nowhere good.  I regroup about 14 times a day.   I am sincerely thankful that it isn’t worse.  And it is hard.

Nothing wrong that a little pizza can't help.


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