Hair Timeline

Nothing like hair length, hairline, hair color, just hair (or no hair) to give one a sense of a year passing.  I recently reconnected with two friends (Chris & Greg) from a very long time ago.  Indeed we had not seen each other in 27 years.  There are some things that I write and I think, no, that cannot be correct.  27 years as a last reference is one of those things.  This is because I believe that I am still 29 years old.  I thought this would change to like 37 when I turned 40, but no, I still think of myself as 29.  Needless to say the last time I saw these friends I was not 2 years old, so my personal utopian age perception was rocked to it’s core.  The one thing that duly killed my personal lie was the length of Greg’s hair!  The last time I saw him he had a classic young guy’s haircut.  And this time he had a pony tail as thick as my calf with length that fell somewhere around his mid back.  One does not grow hair like that at a quick pace.  This hair took time and patience and more time.  Maybe it didn’t take 27 years, but I bet it took starting and stopping and deciding and recommitting.  All that easily takes 27 years.  I’ve been known to quote the “Numbers don’t lie.” line.  What I should be saying is that ‘Hair doesn’t lie!’  Even the best hairdresser knows that time will always tell.

Keogh started our Euro-Adventure with a buzz cut.  Wren started as a bald diva.  10 months later . . .






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