FUN Stuff . . .

Last night Jib and I watched the EuroCup semi-final between Italy and Germany at our favorite restaurant in the Beligian Quarter of Cologne, Ouzeria.  For the 15 people on the planet who don’t know yet, Germany lost.  We were heart broken, along with the 99.9% of the rest of Germany.  I’m pretty sure that I haven’t watched a Super Bowl in five or more years, but something about this European football thing grabs my heart and soul.  What can I say?  I’m now a football fan.  The funny make-up, the jerseys, the chanting, the kolsch!  It is just fun.  And we got to reminiscing about some other fun moments.  Check it out . . .

Day 3 or 4 in Cologne . . . the sign says it all!

Mini-train rides at the park with loved ones!

Our Sunday tradition, perfect French Toast prepared by Daddy. (Yes, that is our entire kitchen setup!)

Halloween at the Cologne Zoo with Lenny!

VIsits with Bebby (aka Debora). She is our Cologne babysitter and Wren’s most favorite play dough chef. We LOVE Bebby!

Keogh and Richard! Fantastic mentor and good friend to the entire Best family.

Castles and torture devices, with a side of waffles – Excellent!

Keogh’s kindergarten . . . Pillepup! A wonderful key to his successful German adventure. The staff, the friends, the fun furniture – all good!!!

Ahmad & Wrenny-Maus . . . EhrenKitz, Wren’s Tages-Familie. Her and our DREAM caregivers. We are trying to get them to move to New York.

And I could go on and on.  There have been so many wonderful moments and new connections here.  A sample will have to do for now!  What I really love about this little walk down memory lane is that so much of the good stuff has been simple.  Sandboxes, playgrounds, walks, time with friends, and laughter!  Memories need not be dramatic.  Indeed the intensely fun and personal moments make for such a beautiful little history.


One thought on “FUN Stuff . . .

  1. great pictures! everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves. Enjoyyour last few days in Germany best family! xo meg

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